What Is The Door Access Control System Kit?

The main purpose of using an access control system is to control and give privilege to different people for entering and exiting any particular premises. They are found in different types and have various complexity. However, almost every access control system kit has a similar kind of components that are required for running the system smoothly. Then depending on the special features, there may be some other component.

Like the RFID access control system, it will be a bit different from the door access control kit. Here let’s discuss the different components that comprise the access control system kit.

What does the door access control system kits have?

Access Cards

Just the way every lock has a key the access card is a kind of electronic ‘key.’ The difference is that every access card is given to individuals who are permitted to pass through the access control system. Each of the cards is encoded uniquely although they may look the same. They are easy to carry and one can carry them in their wallet or purse.

Even in Radio frequency identification or RFID systems, there are cards that are encoded with the data that permits an individual to get access.

Card Readers

In order to read the cards, there are access control card readers that can electronically read the access card. The card readers can be of various kinds depending upon the type of access control system. They can be of insertion type where the access cards are inserted in the card reader for gaining access. There can be proximity type like one that is found in the RFID access control system kit. The RFID reader has its own antenna that sends radio waves to detect the presence of any cards within the range of the card reader. Normally a card reader is mounted at the exterior of any entrance.

Access Control Keypads

Access control keypads can be used along with the card readers at any premises for providing better security or may be placed in exchange of a card reader. The access control keypad has numeric keys that are mainly found on the touch-tone telephones. In order to gain permission and pass through the access control door, the person seeking permission must type the right numeric code.

In case they are used along with card readers it is mandatory to provide the card and the correct numeric code. Otherwise, if they are used alone then providing the numeric code will be good enough.

Electric Lock

In order to lock and unlock each door that is controlled by the access control system, the electronic lock hardware is used. There are various kinds of electric locks found like there can be electromagnetic locks, electric drop bolt locks, electric strikes, electric exit device, and others. The exact one that will be sued on any particular door will be dependent on the type of construction of the door.

It is mostly found that the electric lock hardware helps in controlling the entrance of any particular person to ant secured place or buildings. The electric locks comply with the fire codes and thus they will never restrict while someone is exiting the building, especially at times of an emergency.

Access Controller Panel

One of the most important components of a door access control kit. They are also known as intelligence controllers and are installed at every building where any access control system is installed. The functioning of the electric lock hardware, card readers and other components of an access control system are connected to the access control field panels.

The main use of an access control field panel is to process the total controlling activity. Depending on the number of doors that are controlled at any building the number of the access control field panels are to be used. They along with the software makes the whole system run smoothly and provide the necessary sectary or access.

 Access Control Server Computer

The access control server computer can be considered as the ‘Brain’ of the whole system. Not only that the server is installed on it but it also manages the data that is captured by the access control system. It serves as the file manager as well as fulfills the duty of the central database. It records the whole system activities and also distributes the necessary information that is received by the system and given by the system.

The capacity of a server computer varies but normally with the help of a single server computer, a huge number of card readers can be controlled. The software is installed at the server which reads the instructions and then processes the whole thing. Normally a computer is used as the server and it is totally dedicated to providing different services to the access control system. Without it, the system will stop functioning.

Power Supply

The power supply is the basis for ensuring the stable operation of the entire door access control systems. The choice of the access control power supply can directly determine whether the engineer can earn as much profit as possible when implementing the project, and at the same time, the above can also reflect the ability of the engineering firm to control the quality of the project from the power supply choosing.

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